Property Management

Tessa Residential at your service


Tessa Residential prides itself on the calibre of its management and staff. We are a full service Property and Building Maintenance company, and the operative word is “service”.

From our highly experienced director’s right down to our hand-picked administration and maintenance staff, you’ll invariably find us helpful, knowledgeable, approachable and extremely hands-on.

We select the right people for the job and then we train them to be the best in their respective fields, problem-solvers and opportunity-seekers who are 100% committed to trust and total transparency in all our dealings with you.


When it comes to your investment properties you want the best service at an affordable rate and that’s what Tessa Residential offers.

  • 24/7 access to your property file, wherever and whenever you want it.

  • Owner disbursements twice a month. Have your money more often.

  • Careful tenant selection with vigorous tenancy verification and compliance.

  • Monitor tenants rental payments daily – Zero tolerance rental arrears policy.

  • Ability to pay and monitor all outgoings, including Rates, Urban Utilities, Body Corporate Levies.

  • Consistent training and development for all staff.

  • Highly trusted and skilled team of tradespeople to undertake any maintenance.

  • Comprehensive routine inspections every 3-4 months detailed with photos.

  • First class rental advertising.

  • If your rent increases we’ll increase the bond amount where the legislation permits to minimise your risk


Our team of highly skilled and experienced real estate professional are here to give you peace of mind. Strong communication is key to our business – we’ll communicate with you in a way that suits whether it be email, phone, Skype, mail or a face-to-face appointment as often or as little as you want.